Activate ssh on startup

I used this sequence:


ssh-keygen (I hit enter for all three options to accept defaults and no passphrase)

sudo service ssh start (to start sshd)

sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults (to run the ssh server on startup by default)


After the last command I received a warning that I ignored and it works fine.


change initial keyboard layout of Raspberry Pi

I used debian squeeze as my first try or the raspberry.
First thing I noticed is that the keyboard layout is UK. I am in Germany, so I need to switch this.

After some searching I found this method:
1) ensure you have internet connection (e.g. via ethernet)
2) type:

sudo apt-get install console-data console-tools debconf

After downloading and installing has finished a graphical menu appears.
3) Select “Select keymap from full list”
4) I chose “pc/qwertz/german/standard/latin1-no dead keys”

Work like a charm for me.

In case the installaion ends without the menu or you want to change the layout later again use:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Lets get started!

Hello to the occasional visitor!

I created this blog to take notes about my raspberry pi project for myself and for everyone interested.

I just received a raspberry pi version B and will be creating a home alarm system with it.

Although a windows veteran and proficient in several programming languages I am absolutely new to linux and I am looking forward to all the issue I will have to resolve on the way to my alarm sytem prototype. On this blog I will publish information bits and pieces that I found on my way.

Lets see how this works out.